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Pediatrics Clinic in Charlotte – Eastover Medical Plaza

KidzCare Pediatrics PC – Eastover Medical Plaza

2620 E 7th St # 100,
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704)332-7141 (ph)
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Pediatric Clinic in North Carolina, NC

Welcome to KidzCare Pediatrics Charlotte Eastover location, a leading pediatrician in North Carolina!

Here at KidzCare, we’re determined to make the experience of visiting the doctor for your children a pleasant, comfortable and secure one. For the young, a visit to the pediatrician can be both a trying and stressful activity, especially if they’re in pain. Our health practitioners keep this in mind. Our rooms are kid friendly and our staff knows our youth patients will require special treatment. Whether it’s general medical care, a sprained or broken limb or any other unfortunate mishap, KidzCare is ready!

You will find KidzCare has a mission. That is to provide comprehensive and specialized health care for infants, children, adolescents and patients that have special needs. Our Pediatrics Office in Charlotte @Eastover is proud to be the largest part of the pediatric group in the state of North Carolina. To date, over 300,000 patients have received treatment in our offices.

KidzCare is committed to the ideal that every child should have same day access to pediatric care. We aim to recruit and train the best pediatrics doctors in medicine, nursing and support. We follow stringent practice guidelines with the purpose of improving the quality of our service and your life. We use only evidence based medical approaches. We collect, report and act on patient vital statistics and disease prevalence so that our staff can prevent emergencies like hospitalization or surgery.

KidzCare promises to do everything to reduce the overall cost of health care while maximizing your child’s care. If you have children, give us a call today or make an appointment. We accept all major insurance. More importantly, the pediatricians at Charlotte @Eastover are ready to prove that KidzCare Pediatrics should be the primary health care provider for your children.

Pediatrician in Eastover Medical Plaza